Entry #6

I made a new Game!

2012-08-19 23:07:45 by thePalindrome

http://gamejolt.com/online/games/platformer/panp hobia/9211/ <-- try it out!

I made this for the GameJolt Jam, where the theme was 'fear'

Don't worry, it isn't scary at all, and there's even a level editor!

See you later!


P.S. I don't really plan to enter the Ludum Dare, I'm all coded out D:


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2012-09-19 01:11:37

Sorry if I offended you about the rating thing on Panphobia. I'm overly cautious of site members having their submissions removed because some dolt doesn't approve of the rating and reports them. I've had my fan fic and other stuff removed before and it feels awful. So...I was just watchin' a fellow member's back...sorta...I guess. Well, that's what I meant to do, anyway, lol :)
I had no idea about the game rating system for submissions on NG. I would like to make my own game, someday.
Thanks again

thePalindrome responds:

Naw, it's OK, I changed it just in case, just glad somebody cares enough to say something!


P.S. There's no actual sig, I just like to put that there all the time!