I made a new Game!

2012-08-19 23:07:45 by thePalindrome

http://gamejolt.com/online/games/platformer/panp hobia/9211/ <-- try it out!

I made this for the GameJolt Jam, where the theme was 'fear'

Don't worry, it isn't scary at all, and there's even a level editor!

See you later!


P.S. I don't really plan to enter the Ludum Dare, I'm all coded out D:

I've made a new Game!

2012-08-15 17:27:54 by thePalindrome


Go ahead, try it out, let me know what you think!

Extra versions posted!

2012-08-07 21:49:04 by thePalindrome

There are two new places to play Color man!

You can play it on Game Jolt Here (There's even a GJ trophy!)

Or, if you want a Kong version, Want no more!

Let me know if there are any site-specific quirks I need to fix!


I finally got a game out!

2012-07-13 19:36:04 by thePalindrome


My game is finally up, after five days working on it for miniLD#36 - contrast!

Defeat enemies with contrasting colors, earn a medal!* Complain about the lack of large levels! Play it Now!

*after it gets approved

Oh my, what is this?

2011-09-13 21:05:19 by thePalindrome

I happened upon this just a minute ago, I wonder what it could be?

Oh my, what is this?

Hello, World!

2011-08-13 21:35:40 by thePalindrome

This is thePalindrome, here to say that I have my official NG account!